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New Arrival!

Name: Tricia
Age: 25
Location:  Small town in OH, USA

A few positive adjectives that describe you: Sweet, loving, humorous, thoughtful
A few negative adjectives that describe you: shy, manic, mopey, full of self doubt
Describe your outlook on life:  I hope for good things, but can't help but always look at the worst case scenarios and the what if's. I like to know what I'm getting into and don't usually rush into thing impulsively.
Describe your outlook on love:  Love is in the only thing in the world worth living and dying for. What can I say, I'm a romantic.
Hobbies: Writing, drawing, painting, watching movies, video games.
Something you feel strongly about: Animal rites and encouraging children to read more!! Love books! And animals dammit!

Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, The Laybrinth, From Hell
Music: P!nk, Cold Play, Snow Patrol, Queen, Kelly Clarkson
Books: Chocolat, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Harry Potter series, The Last Unicorn
Television shows: Scrubs, Sex and the City, Friends, 30 Rock
Colors: red, black, and green

Optimist or pessimist: Pessimist, most definitely. That's not to say I'm not hopeful of good things, I'm just always aware of the bad ones.
Extrovert or introvert: I'm always in my own head, therefore introvert.
Adventurous or practical: Little bit of both I guess.
Logic or dreams: I'm a dreamer, and nothing that is can exist unless someone dreamed it up first.
Easy-going or uptight: I'm a pretty laid back girl. :) Outwardly, anyway.

A quote (or quotes) that you really like a why:
"I do have an affinity for damaged people, in life, in roles. I don't know why. We're all damaged in our own way. Nobody's perfect. I think we are all somewhat screwy, every single one of us."--Johnny Depp
I adore that man for one thing and I find the quote to be true about everyone I know. It shows that people's flaws can be beautiful too.

Anything else you would like to add: I love Tim Burton!!

Pictures or a description of yourself if you do not have pictures:

These were taken on my honeymoon by my husband. :)

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