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New Arrival!

Name: Ana
Age: 16
Location: Brazil

A few positive adjectives that describe you: Intelligent, ambitious, determinate, witty.
A few negative adjectives that describe you: Bitchy, moody, aloof, feisty.
Describe your outlook on life: A big roller coaster ride :P
Describe your outlook on love: "Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired."
Hobbies: Reading, writing, dancing
Something you feel strongly about: History, Tudor England, Street Dance, Cinema

Movies: Gone with the wind, Conversations with other women, Elizabeth
Music: Madonna, The Killers, Coldplay
Books: His Dark Materials
Television shows: The Tudors, Grey's Anatomy
Colors: Red

Optimist or pessimist: Optimistic
Extrovert or introvert: Extroverted
Adventurous or practical: A bit of both
Logic or dreams: Logic
Easy-going or uptight: Uptight

A quote (or quotes) that you really like a why: "Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die." - Amelia Burr

Anything else you would like to add: Thanks for voting!

Pictures or a description of yourself if you do not have pictures:
I don't have any pics right now, but I've been told I look like Anna Paquin, but without the gap on my teeth and with long curly dark brown hair.

I suck at descriptions ;[
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