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New Arrival!

Name: Camey
Age: seventeen
Location: Pennsylvania, US.

A few positive adjectives that describe you: Confident, Motherly, Funny, Empathetic, Optimistic, and Loyal.
A few negative adjectives that describe you: Stubbern, Cynical, Violent, Pessimestic [at times], and Sarcastic.
Describe your outlook on life: I'm focused on living my life to the fullest. I want to be happy, I want to be successful, but that isn't always going to turn out right, right? I want to be me, and play by my own rules. That's my outlook and my goal, and that's what I want to do.

Describe your outlook on love: I'm obsessed with the very idea of love. I guess, you could call me a hopeless romantic, because indeed that is what I am. I find myself being obsessed with the fairy tale ending ever since I was younger -- suppose those disney movies put ideas in my mind, haha. -- nevertheless, if there's one feeling or emotion that I take seriously, it's love. And I'd do anything to keep it.
Hobbies: Acting, singing, dancing, reading, writing, gymnastics, horseback riding, ice skating, fencing, drawing, shopping.
Something you feel strongly about: Independence and Love.

Movies: Dirty Dancing, The Dark Knight, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Catwoman, 10 Things I hate About you, Ultra Violet, Resident Evil movies, Van Helsing, Batman series, Candy, Sleepy Hollow, Beetlejuice, Sweeney Todd, Marie Antionette, and Aeon Flux.
Music: I listen to basically everything, except for Rap. But I'm really into Heavy Metal, Soft Rock, and Classical.
Books: Anything by Nancy Martin, Rachel Cain'es The Morganvill Vampire Series, Anne Rice's books (They're amazing), House of Night Series by Kristen and P.C. Kast, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Oh and Twilight.. ehh, I suppose, lol.
Television shows: Grey's Anatomy, True Blood, Private Practice, Family Guy, Futurama, Whose Line Is It Anyways?, ehh.. I don't watch that much TV.
Colors: Pink, Red, Blue, Black, Silver, Green, White.

Optimist or pessimist: I try to be as Optimistic as possible, but everyone has there pessimistic thoughts once or twice. I guess it depends on the situation, if I'll be pessimistic or not.
Extrovert or introvert:Introverted, I suppose. I spend most of my time by myself, but if I have a need to be around others.. I quickly switch into an extrovert state.
Adventurous or practical: Adventurous but a bit cautious.
Logic or dreams: I find my head to be in the clouds quite a lot, but I can shake myself up with logical thoughts. But I'll stick with dreams. (:
Easy-going or uptight: Easy-Going for the most part.
A quote (or quotes) that you really like a why: Uhm..
"I will love the light, for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness, for it shows me the stars"
This is my favorite quote of all time, I think it's reminds me of the balance of good and bad in me as a person. Plus, I'm obsessed with astronomy and the night sky. So it's quite a beautiful picture that this quote paints.

Anything else you would like to add: Nahh, I'm good. (:
Pictures or a description of yourself if you do not have pictures:

I found some old pictures!
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