Rachel (italyatmidnight) wrote in nightshade_rate,

Stamped as Victoria | Mirror Theme restamp

I was originally stamped as Glenn Close, but I don't really see it and I'm curious as to who else I look like. :)

My best friend is in half of these; I guess we just like taking pictures together. :)

I'm on the left in that one, and I'm sure you can figure out which one is me from there.

One of my senior portraits.

Halloween! She was Quailman and I was Arwen from Lord of the Rings.

I know that picture isn't very clear (it's a still from a video), but I kinda like it. :)

And from a couple weeks ago - I got a new flat-iron for Christmas (my old one had died). I looked even stupider in the ones where I smiled, so that explains the expression.
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